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September 2, 2004

4th Night RNC 2008 Springboard Competition. Contestant: George “What Goes Up” Bush


Dive: It Takes A Bucket
Level of Difficulty (10 point scale): 10.0

Analysis: After a strong take off into completely blue sky, it seemed President Bush would have no trouble following through on his promised course. Below sight of the audience, however, it became apparent that the President, having spent most of his spare time practicing cannonballs, had (either mischievously or unintentionally) used up all the water in the pool. Although a man of strong faith, it turned out that God really wasn’t on his side this time, and he came up seriously short of substance.

Total Score (10 point scale): 1.0

  • jillian

    It takes a bucket….you, my dear, are brilliant!

  • Michael

    Thanks, Jillian. …But it really comes from having such good material to work with.

  • ginny

    Just think I was going to vote for G>W> in 2000 , lucky for me I read an article in talk magazine November issuse about how Bush rallygot rich and it sort of changed mymind.

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