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September 2, 2004

3rd Night RNC 2008 Springboard Competition. Contestant: Zell “Spitball” Miller

(This entry is part of our continuing coverage of the Republican National Convention Springboard competition. Each night, we rank the performance of various speakers for their ability to execute career enhancing maneuvers with their performance.)


Dive: Last One Out Of The Pool Is A Terrorist Appeasing Democrat
Level of Difficulty (10 point scale): 6.5

Analysis: Tonight, in a performance that defied political gravity, Mr. Miller emerged out of a drain covered with murky slime, thrust himself upward propelled by an equal combination of hate and disgust, then executed a perfect “stick” on the diving board while changing colors. Wow!

Total Score (10 point scale): 7.8

  • Don Mac Gregor

    I would have thought Miller would attempt the 10 meter belly flop. The idea was to make a big splash. On second thought, that’s Alan Keyes’s specialty.

  • Stephen

    What do you get when you cross a Senators Zell Miller and Trent Lott?
    You get a republican Zell-Lott.

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