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August 2, 2004

Will Ferrell “Pasturizes” Bush


If you’ve been following this blog, you know how rarely I use the term “hilarious.”

This parody of a Bush campagn commercial, starring Will Ferrell, is featured at This spoof site was created by ACT or Americans Coming Together. ACT claims to be creating the largest voter contact program in history. Operating in 17 key states, the organization is dedicated to canvassing precincts to help defeat President Bush.

To view the video:

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(link source: cemonitor)

  • JoJo

    My guess is that lame bit of drivel should add at least 2% to W’s polling numbers…why not just say things like “to each according to his needs..”, if you really want to lose Kerry votes…Kinda cool that these folks actually think they are helping, and Kerry does not take them to court to get them to stop….

  • j.pickens

    Will Ferrell is funny, but they should have gone with a straight campaign parody. By showing it as “outtakes”, much of the potential impact is lost. It just comes off as Ferrell vamping on the Bush is an Idiot meme. Not very effective at all.

  • Chris

    Jojo– out of whose ass did you pull that? Your own or Karl Rove’s? Who are those two percent of voting adult Americans that are suddenly going to vote for Bush because of a skit they saw on some website that poked a little fun? The video is so innocuous that the only type to be offended by it would already be voting for Bush in the first place. If an actual undecided voter saw it and decides to vote for Bush because of it, then one wonders how that person has survived as an undecided for four years without hearing a single Bush joke to awaken the inner dubya?
    On the video itself– I don’t get the impression that it’s really supposed to be much more than a humorous clip to amuse the troops. I mean, it’s the centerpiece of a fundraising campaign by ACT: who else besides the democratic activist base is really the target here? They’re already singing to the choir, so being effective isn’t really an issue.

  • rudy

    It is guilty of greatest crime possible:
    It is unfunny.

  • Mara

    I thought it was funny in an understated sort of way. Ferrell could have made it funnier if he’d tripped or hooked himself with the scythe or run away from the horse.

  • vachon

    I loved it.

  • Yon

    Lame. If that’s the best ACT can come up with, hope is stuck in the orange barrel zone.

  • JoJo

    j.pickens…I seldom reach such high levels as it would take to gather info from Turd Flower’s posterior…Yes, it will appeal to 9/11 fans, but they are already voting for Kerdwards. You will find quite a few folks who will think that a.) the Dem candidate was actual responsible for putting it out, b.) it is *at best* childish when many of those undecided voters are looking for somebody serious (hence flag-draped Boston) and c.)It just wasn’t clever OR funny.
    My guess is that the SDS-wing of the Democratic party who are running ACT, without adult supervision, will head further and further down this path. If I were the RNC I would raise money for them

  • JoJo

    BTW From the ACT website…hee hee…now that is funny!
    “Americans must be able to trust the facts in political ads. Every voter has the right to truthful advertising. Free speech is no defense to massive, purposeful fraud.
    You, the FCC, have an obligation to ensure that broadcast stations around the country do not transmit misleading, deceptive and fraudulent advertising.
    We, the undersigned American citizens, demand that you require proof of fact before airing political advertisements. Laws must change to protect our democracy.”
    Guess it should be sign ‘M.Moore’???

  • timks

    I love Will Farrell, but I have to admit that this was only mildly amusing. In fact, calling it lame is not putting too harsh a tag on it. If you really think this was “hilarious”, I have to question whether you have a sense of humor at all.

  • Jon

    Hmmm… Some pretty serious folks here. I found it fairly amusing.

  • Jon

    Oh, and if you recognize the fact that this spoof is aimed at the coming Bush ad blitz portraying him as, in ACT’s words, a “true Texas cowboy”, it’s also timely and right on target. How many cowboys from the heartland got legacy admission to Yale?

  • JoJo

    Now the DNC…they know real humor when the see it
    What the meaning of “on” is….Very Clinton-esk..
    “(08-05) 12:51 PDT WASHINGTON (AP)..The Kerry campaign has denounced the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, saying none of the men in the ad served on the boat that Kerry commanded.”
    “[HUMAN EVENTS]The problem is that none of these men claimed to have served on Kerry’s SWIFT Boat. They simply said they “served with John Kerry” — and they did.”
    In the same letter the DNC tries to, how does ACT put it, “muzzle free speech” by threatening lawsuits against stations that run the Human Events ad…why stop there…Wil Ferrell clearly does not work ON Bush’ ranch, Michael Moore does not base his films ON facts….Ban them all!

  • Lisa

    It’s one of the funniest goddam things I’ve ever seen.

  • Monkey

    Will Ferrell is a Comic Genius!
    He has an ability to raise the mundane to the hilarious with his dry wit and often confused delivery.
    Everyone needs a laugh and why not take a moment to enjoy the fact that our president is a complete moron! I think that americans should take the time to make fun of our president, like everyone else in the world… and then we should kick him out of office and bring him up on charges for being a war criminal.
    Heck, let’s have Will Ferrel Run for President in 2008! Wouldn’t that be a blast?

  • seymore bush

    Key Figure in Anti-Kerry Book Recants; Admits He Lied
    The swift boat truth brigade lied. One of them admits it and also admits to not knowing many of the facts. Even John McCain gave them a dressing down this week. You are on the wrong track guys. One guy volunteered and got wounded, another guy punked out and postures in flight suits making excuses. The worst thing I’ve heard from Kerry is that he wasn’t wounded “that bad” and he shot a viet cong that was carrying a rocket launcher in the back. That bastard Kerry. Cry me a river blowhard. Sorry you’re wrong.
    As for the video, it wasn’t haha funny but I agreed with every sentiment in it and enjoyed watching it. Isn’t that worth something?

  • seymore bush

    sorry jon, i meant jojo :)

  • fab5freddykruger

    funny and wry. is this supposed to convince swing voters? yeah right. dont kid yourselves,
    all you bushites out there, this was a poke…
    a chuckle inspired jib for the choir, and it was
    completely ferrell. deadpan and dead on.

  • spw143


  • George W. Bush

    Whot does “meme” mean? I asked Dick– Mr Cheney– er, my Vice President– well, he’s Dick, Dick to me– and he sayd he didn’t know.
    I thought this adv. was kinda funny, in a sentisive liberal kind of way. I just wish they made these ads funnier. God belss America.

  • current resident

    Dead on! If bush were half as smart as Will portrays him to be we would all be in trouble.
    As it stand now, you can pick your favorite corporate servant but there is nobody running from the Demopublican party that serves the interest of the consumer-citizen.

  • BushSucks

    Jojo: Take yer Murkan ass back to FreeRepublic, where you can bitch and moan about how terrible Kerry is all day long….

  • mike

    I found the bit to be slightly funny.It was a little campy(which i’m sure was the intention),but i don’t feel it was an effective parody that will sway any undecided voters.Here’s why:liberals make decisions based on emotional argument, whereas independent,free-thinking people make decisions based on fact.Therefore,i found it to be ineffective.p.s. i welcome all liberals viewing this paragraph to tell me i’m a stupid fascist who can’t spell.That’s usually their comeback for any comment posted with slight grammatical errors.Also,they use this tactic when they’ve been proven wrong,too.Bring it on!

  • gwbeaver

    la meme choix

  • Doc

    “Here’s why:liberals make decisions based on emotional argument, whereas independent,free-thinking people make decisions based on fact.”
    Sigh. I am assuming you are a liberal, then, because this statement is definitely based upon emotion and certainly you have no facts to back up such a prejudiced, stereotyping comment.
    And this “ad” was hysterical. Spot-on impression of Dubya’s speech and mannerisms. Two thumbs up.

  • Allan

    In Australia we have a tradition of “taking the piss” out of our leaders. If you are going to be public life you have to “cop it”.
    I found the Ferrell piece amusing but technically crap. It was neither “outtakes” or a straight piece of satire. He also attacked Bush head on in an area where we generally accept that he is competent (and frankly don’t care if he isn’t) that is, being a ranch owner and around horses. A more fruitful area often attacked is, what does being a rancher have to do with his attitudes and ability to run the country?

  • Neil Uchitel

    It was amusing, yes, but people who think it was “pure genius” or whatever really should take their hand out of the lukewarm water. JibJab was “genius”, this was “eh”. Ferrell did much better with his Santa Claus parodies for Apple.

  • Joe Zamecki

    I liked it. It was funny, in that Will Ferrell way. If you’re not a fan of his, you might not get it so well.
    But it’s surely not supposed to make people change their minds about Bush. That’s silly. It’s entertainment! With all the fighting in the world, I give great credit to anyone out there trying to make people laugh with harmless entertainment. Thanks Will & ACT.

  • Daffy Duck

    No Bush imitation is as funny as watching the Chimp humiliate himself in person, but as a continuation of Ferrell’s Bush parodies from SNL, this isn’t too bad.
    The current cast doesn’t have anybody who can do a reliable Bush (although Darrell Hammond as Cheney is excellent) so I’ve missed Ferrell.
    The really priceless stuff was Carvey as Bush Sr. and Ferrell as Jr. — way back before the nightmare became all too real.

  • Jerry

    I’m a Will Farrel fan, and enjoyed it. However, Kerry’s 20 year record in the Senate speaks volumes about what the American people could expect. Kerry is out of touch with the American way and on the wrong side of history every time he cast a vote on the Senate floor. I’m sorry, but the only person(s) who would vote for Kerry are at best, very ill-advised, and totally uninformed.

  • Free America

    Hey Daffy, here’s an illustration of the difference between the radical, right-wingers that have stolen our democracy and sold it to Haliburton and Enron and the rest of the American people. Several months ago I posted a very polite and diplomatically worded message on in a forum setup to trash Al Franken. I simply asked the people posting in the forum to provide some evidence of something in Al Franken’s book that was untrue. My message was pulled off the forum within 5 minutes. BAGnewsNotes has allowed your misguided views to be posted on their site as well as other dissenting opinions. The right-wing radicals in this country hate free speech and democracy! The rest of us Americans want our democracy back!

  • Free America

    Correction: Sorry Daffy, that last comment was aimed at Jerry!

  • veraciraptor

    Great clip! Brilliant.
    Down with the Bush thugs!
    Take this country back!

  • Skye

    I think the clip was amusing, and
    i am republican, but i think i like
    to see everyone elses points of view
    and never judge. who ever gets elected
    i will support 100 %! :)

  • Miguel

    It’s a fundraiser, people. Bush’s reelection is aided by discouraging voter turnout. ACT is fighting that. Donate.

  • communist killer

    all i have to say is will farrel is an asshole. and that ACT is a liberal hate-bush propaganda machine. did also mention they are liars? anyone who supports these people believes that bush stole the election, that swiftvets are nothing but liars, and that kerry and edwards and somehow really really smart guys who really really care about you.
    how wrong could you nitwits be?

  • communist killer

    one last comment or question for the liberal kooks: i hear about taking america back and discouraging voting, or restoring freedom… tell me scum:what freedom in your personal experience have you noticed has been taken away? who are you afraid of denying your participation this election?
    thought so you dumb fucks. its all in you paranoid pea brains. im going to be loving it this fall, because you lil shits are going down, and not on clinton’s cock this time either. eat shit liberals.

  • votekerry

    I love the movie. Can’t stop laughing. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the job market, the economy, the war etc.. We didn’t vote Bush into office the 1st time, how the hell did he get there?????

  • Vote!!!!!!!!

    After reading the comments on this site — and others like it recently — I wonder why so many people who are pro-Bush tend to criticize any anti-Bush statement, media, etc. with hateful, vitriolic nonsense. The thing made most clear in cases like the one two posts above is that such an overly-defensive statement surely reveals it’s author’s genuine concern that the candiate he backs needs such an over-the-top attack in their name because they might actually be WEAK enough to be vulnerable to a SNL send-up. Keep (or should I say start?) watching the debates, sir.

  • Carrie

    I’m not usually one for political propaganda, but I end up watching this clip once or twice a day. It makes me laugh every time, and lately with such depressing shit going on, I can use it.
    “…I’m getting my groove on …. as they say.”

  • Don Taylor

    Wow , how can this be. Who voted for this guy???
    I love my country but how can people not question this guy and his team of fools in Washington. Beautiful Will, keep up the great work. Deep down we all know, this is funny and Bushy is a war criminal

  • What the Deuce?

    Will Ferrell as President Bush

    Sure, the US 2004 Presidential election is long over, but this video remains funny (especially for fans of Will Ferrell).
    George W. Bush – A Message…

  • unknown

    Wow, some of you are taking this thing far too seriously…..I mean, come on, it’s a joke; whether you’re right wing or left wing.

  • Trent

    i voted for bush and would again in a heartbeat. this is some funny sh-t. take it for what it is, humor.
    free america

  • Jon

    Genious. Simply perfect! If we’re going to be stuck in this situation for another couple years, lets atleast make light of the situation!

  • Josiah

    i ate a bee

  • Jon Jang

    If you don’t like that clip you’re a communist. Plain and simple.

  • Miguel

    I have come out as a homosexual. I also have a sexual relationship with my grandfather. Long live George Bush.

  • enlargement

    An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. To put it in terms of St. Thomas Aquinas: An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law.

  • Bigman

    I could care less about the political meanings of this video… Will Ferrell is the funniest man I have ever seen (not to mention the amazing Bush impersonations!).

  • Pompus, Self Rightous, Richard Head’s

    Hilarious how Bush fans thought it was so “unfunny” at the time it was realeased. The damn video is roll on the floor hilarious, accurate, and embarssing for Bush supporters. They guys an idiot, simple. This makes light of it. Hilarious.

  • Rusty Scalpel

    whoah…you caught me…I was mending the fence here…
    they just look like they could strike at any minute…
    Freaking Hilarious!

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