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August 28, 2004

Up in Arms


Playing off of the ‘Bush in 30 Seconds” contest, MoveOn is featuring a new video clip, created by leading directors and actors, each week until the election.

Frankly, the more artistic campaign content I look at, the more I appreciate the problem of “creativity on demand.” The first piece, by John Sayles, felt far too severe to me. Although stereotypical, the second one, by Benny Boom, is better.

You can keep track of the series here.

–Note: Link to the series was previously incorrect. It’s fixed now–

  • baggy

    I, too, was very disappointed by the Sayles ad—I think everyone needs to walk away from the “Switch” ad format now—but I really liked Benny Boom’s ad and don’t understand the comment about it’s being stereotypical ??? ( BTW, the link to the videos is pointing back to you: correct link is )

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