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August 29, 2004

SPECIAL: “Shame” Ad, Yanked By Kerry Campaign, Still Viewable


The only shame of the “Shame” attack ad is that the Kerry campaign withdrew it so quickly.

The ad, featuring 2000 debate footage of John McCain rebuking George Bush for impugning his war record, is far and away the most compelling political advertisement of the presidential campaign. The internet-only version, called “Old Tricks,” was on-line for about two days. The TV version, to be named “Shame,” never made the tube. (Even worse, most websites that refer to the ad now have broken links because they point to the version that was on the Kerry campaign site.)

Fortunately, the American Museum of the Moving Image has preserved it for historical purposes. You can view it here.

source: AMMI

  • Evert Visser

    Nice and quit little blog, makes some realy unessecairy points as well.
    Regards E.Visser.

  • Nash Kato

    If this is the “most compelling political advertisement” of the 2004 Democratic campaign, they’re in even more trouble than current polls indicate**.

    John McCain smugly retelling his version of some obscure incident, then expecting George Bush to apologize for someone else’s remarks is hardly interesting, let alone compelling. If this is the best they’ve got, then God help them come November (not that it would help).

    ** Before you get your hemp panties in a bunch, these numbers, although they now put Kerry at a slight advantage, show his lead narrowing.

  • Dick Cheney

    If you don’t remove the link to that video, I garantee you will not be winning the State Lottery or sleeping with Paris Hilton anytime soon. This is not a threat, it’s a promise.

  • Michael Shaw

    I’m honored that you have the time to post on BAGnewsNotes, especially in the midst of convention preparations.
    Regarding the “promise,” I’m sorry I missed my chance.

  • Paul

    Pity – seems that this morning they removed the page for that link. It’s a dead link now.
    It’s an even greater pity that they feel they had to remove it. Perhaps they feared a GOP backlash (not that there is any lack of precedence to validate that fear!!).

  • EFHJr

    Yeah, Paul is right, they pulled it for no ‘good’ reason, that’s for sure. God forbid Americans have the truth. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson, “We can’t handle the truth!”
    And what’s with the dumb spelling in the hate mail? I don’t get it. Are these people really that semi-literate? Do they think spelling is a liberal plot, an East coast elitist affectation? We live in strange times.

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