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August 29, 2004

Political Orbits: The Lowering of the Bar


In the face of all the “I don’t read the polls, I don’t read the papers, I’m just focused on the job” nonsense, here (finally) is a great story on the real George Bush. Today’s piece in the NYTimes (link) reveals the obsessive, hands-on, hyperagressive W. with the chess player disposition and the encyclopedic knowledge of even the most insignificant campaign miscellany.

You won’t hear much argument from the Bush campaign about “Bush the Bumbler” (especially as the debates draw near). By now, the persona is part of a tried-and-true strategy with a pretty decent track record.

The media is not always so gullible on W. Too often, though, they perpetuate (or, just fail to filter) Bush and the administration’s subtle insinuations that the President’s brain resides in somebody else’s head. This article, though, gets further down the right path. As Clinton is quick to say, this guy is good, really good.

Like the second coming of Lee Atwater.

  • Annoying Old Guy

    Note that the concept of President Bush as an idiot is a creation of his political opponents, not Old Media. Why do you suppose they did that?

  • Robert

    Interesting article. Here’s my favorite:
    “He’s a strategy person,” Mr. Bartlett said. “He wants to know some individual items, but mostly he wants to know, what is the strategy.”
    Apparently George can’t keep track of the details OR the strategy.

  • Army of Mom

    I read the article you linked to and it
    does match what you said about Bush. You
    said he has claimed not to read the
    polls. The article said he calls his
    advisor for the poll results, so he isn’t
    reading the polls. I think Kerry probably
    has many trusted advisors to his campaign
    and as as senator. I don’t see what the
    big deal is that he relies on others to
    help give him advice. Would you rather he
    made all decisions unilaterally? Would you
    want Kerry to make all his decisions unilaterally?

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