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July 20, 2004

Those Sleazy Days of Summer


Yes, it’s late summer, typically the time when the media likes to spotlight shark attacks as well as salacious show trials. Of course, the Kobe and Michael feasts are fast approaching. (I can’t figure out if Disney will sponsor the CourtTV coverage to play up the Tinker Bell tie-in, can you?)

But, it’s an election year, and the overscripted conventions are upon us. So what can possibly be done to stir things up?

How about this:

You take a “not ready for primetime” Governor with a “Lewinsky syndrome” that he’s managed to sweep under the carpet, you throw in a wife from the Kennedy clan who is also a TV talking head who runs interference for him, you put him into a real governing crisis that he can’t sell, blame or bully himself out of, you throw in some old Saturday Night Live material, you give him a prime time speaking spot at the Republican Convention with the mission to appeal to moderates and females, you bring all these elements together on a Monday in a slow news period, and then you sit back and wait….

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