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May 22, 2004

Glowing Parody

As far as low denominator, anti-nuke, flash animation goes, “Lil Suzy And Atomic Energy” (at delivers the goods. I especially like the narrator.

Click HERE to view.

  • hardindr

    What a load of crap. No link between cancer and EMFs/microwaves has been discovered, and scientists have tried.
    The only thing that made any sense in that cartoon was the fact that nuclear waste from fission reactors causes cancer. I don’t understand why the makers of the cartoon mentioned radiation therapy anyway. Also, in the blurb at the end, the makers of the cartoon stated that cancer rates are increasing. How do they know this is true? If it is, what kinds of cancer, in what geographic locations, and in what portion of the population at large?
    I won’t argue about over-exposure to sunlight causing cancer, but you can just wear sunblock for that…

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