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March 3, 2004

Warning Shots

In a smooth p.r. move, Bush’s telephone call to Kerry last night was among the most newsworthy events of both a spectacular and spectacularly anti-climatic evening. Even before the votes were done being counted in Kerry’s final crushing of the Democratic field, there was Bush, already in his face (okay, his ear).

Of course, who could take issue with a gracious congratulatory call from the President?

Given the duplicity of Rove and Company, however, it seemed just as much a warning shot across the bow.

  • Ted Friedman

    This is a little off topic, but, a very important issue that most people don’t know about. Mel Martinez is a Republican running for Bob Graham’s seat in the 2004 Florida Senate race. Martinez was the Chairman of HUD from 200-2003 dyring Mel’s tenure THERE WAS 59 BILLION MISSING FROM HUD.PAYOUTS THAT CAN NOT BE TRACED!
    The following questions are intended to help illuminate Mel’s performance by “following the money trail” through key areas of Martinez’ personal responsibility:
    As Co-Chair of the ‘Bush for President’ Campaign in Florida (Election 2000)
    Who made money from the improper “cleansing” of 57,000 legitimate voters from the Florida voting rolls in 2000?
    Who got the money that Florida state pensions “lost” on Enron after Enron helped finance the Florida 2000 Presidential election and recount?
    As HUD* Secretary (2001-2003)
    Why is $59 billion missing from your Agency, namely HUD[*], and who has it?
    $59 billion missing from HUD! Where is the money, Mel?
    As Cabinet Secretary & Spokesperson for the Bush Administration (2001-2003)
    How many US jobs & small businesses have been lost since your campaign in Florida delivered the Presidency to George W. Bush?
    Who has made money moving those jobs offshore while moving immigration in?
    Why was a HUD-DOD contractor with a known record for employee involvement in white slave trafficking & pedophilia given a $500 million sole source contract to manage the prisons, judiciary & enforcement in Iraq?
    As Candidate for US Senate (Florida 2004)
    Cui Bono (who benefits?): Who will make money if you help deliver Florida for the Republicans in 2004?
    Cui Bono(that’s latin!): Who will make money if you help deliver Latino voters nationwide to the Republicans in 2004?
    Cui Bono: Who manages the $500 million – $1 billion (est.) of money laundered through the US financial system?
    Who is financing your campaign?
    Now you can help. Let’s put Mel on the hotseat and keep him there until the voters in Florida get the answers they deserve. Don’t let up on these criminals until we get our missing cash back. There is no reason on the face of this planet why our government officials should not report to the penny where and why our money was spent. If you had a babysitter and sent him/her to the store with a twenty and they bought 10 bucks worth of stuff and brought you back a 5 you’d want to know, where is the rest of my money? This guy let 59 billion slide through his hands straight into the pockets of his mobster friends. Stop this corporate gangsterism and blow the whistle loud and long!
    Keep Mel Martinez on the Hot Seat and make the WWW a hostile environment for these crooks by going HERE.
    Please post this to as many blogs as possible and put Mel Martinez in google prison until we find the rest of our cash!

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