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March 5, 2004

Haitian Games

Now, let me see if I understand this:

We were in charge of the security of the democratically-elected President of Haiti, but we told him that, because we couldn’t protect him, he would either have to leave the country or be killed by his enemies. But, we were the ones who restored him to power in 1991 after he was overthrown by the military. (Except that, the officers who led the coup were on the CIA payroll.) Immediately after the President’s return to power, however, the CIA paid an insurgent leader to create and maintain an organization which murdered at least 3000 of the President’s supporters. Associates of this insurgent–people who Secretary of State Powell last week described as “thugs” — are the same people we threatened to turn the President over to, and are now in effective control of the country.

Okay. Next stop, Venezuela!

  • David

    Jean-Bertrand Aristide was a thug. NGO’s that monitored democracy reported that he repressed democracy and subverted freedom of the press. Guy Philippe, the rebel leader, said that his men would disarm one month after they began the rebellion. Although it remians to be seen whether he will actually do that, thus far he has not broken his word.
    The US and France are going to be calling the shots in Haiti for awhile now so I don’t think we need to worry about a group that does not like the US taking power.

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