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January 4, 2004

Dean Commercial #1: The Road Less Traveled


"Hi, I’m Howard Dean.

Are you tired of America stomping all over its allies and going it alone in the world? That’s what happens when we elect a leader who has hardly been out of his own backyard. I’ve been in over 50 countries, more than that hayseed will have visited by the time you vote in November. And his Dad was the ambassador to the U.N., for crying out loud!"

  • Michael Good

    As the Republicans harp on whether Howard Dean has the background necessary to cope with today’s complex foreign policy environment, it is important to remember who we have leading us today. For most of his life George Bush thought that a major trip abroad meant crossing the border to Tiajuana for a day. It shows.
    Traveling to over 50 countries and meeting people from across the globe, even as a young, post college traveler does count for something. It means that you are curious about the world, interested in meeting people different than yourself and finding out about how they live and think. Howard Dean is much less likely than our current leader to kick every single foreigner he meets in the teeth with his cowboy boots!
    -Michael Good

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