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December 11, 2003

Earth To Bush!

I have to take issue with my friends at DailyKos for their recent comments about the President and the moon. Although nobody I tell believes me, apparently President Bush is about to announce that we’re going back. (Perhaps Neil Armstrong forgot a golf club?) Though Kos did point out the inherent impracticality of the idea (particularly the inordinate cost), it seems they also got caught up in some nostalgia for the idea.

I think it’s important to remind ourselves that there is absolutely nothing this administration does that isn’t political. On one hand, it’s easy to see this as nothing more than a smoke-and-mirrors play to distract from how badly things are going "down here." On the other hand, if they are serious, it serves up a nice opportunity for them to direct more patronage into the hands of their industrial friends.

  • ederic@cyberspace

    Google Talk

    Just learned from Markku’s site that Google now has its own messenger called Google Talk. Of course, I excitedly downloaded it and immediately invited my friends.
    Here’s my first Google Talk conversation:

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