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October 12, 2003

How To Get To Sesame Street? Just Ask Micky D.

If you haven’t had a chance to ketchup with Sesame Street lately, it might shake you to learn that McDonald’s has sandwiched the program with advertising.

In the old days, the Sesame Street folks were the ones who swept the clouds away to where the air was sweet. Today, with the commercialization of so-called Public Television, the air is filled with something much greasier.

With the new sponsorship, the show has now become a drive-up window to sell junk to kids. In the past, the point of Sesame Street was for you to get to it, not for it to get to you. It was a place where happy people came to play, not get played.

So, what could possibly be next on the commercial magic carpet ride? What about The Count figuring out promotional tie-in revenue? Maybe, Miss Piggy lobbying for her own sandwich? Or Cookie Monster fighting the FDA over ingredient labeling? Oh well, at least Oscar will be happy. He’s going to have a lot more company in that trash can.

In honor of public tv and their association with the golden arch enemy of children’s health and branded play, we offer the Children’s Television Workshop a new logo:


  • Dave who used to work at Mickey D’s

    I suppose you mean the brief blurbs at the beginning and end of every PBS program. I suppose in the post-Gingrich (who wanted to kill PBS because it was a liberal propaganda organ) world, they have to get sponsorship from somebody, but this seems a little…um…un-PBS-like?

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