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October 15, 2003

Everything We Didn’t Find Out About Schwarzenegger (Before We Forgot To Ask)

Well, we can’t say anything about Arnold anymore. When you win, the vetting period ends. That’s how the game works. At least, with a Presidential candidate, you have up to a year to not learn who you’re dealing with. This time, the window closed after three weeks.

So, what didn’t we find out about Arnold?

*As we previously reported, we didn’t learn about Arnold and Enron. In fact, we didn’t hear anything about Arnold’s business dealings at all.

*We didn’t hear about Arnold’s power in Hollywood, and how women have been intimidated from discussing his advances for fear of being blackballed from the industry.

*We didn’t learn that the supposedly news breaking reports in the Los Angeles Times regarding Arnold’s harassment of women were basically a rehash of a story that appeared in Premiere Magazine back in 2001.

*We didn’t learn about how Arnold has manipulated the media, consistently suppressing news stories and biographies through various forms of intimidation.

*We didn’t learn about how Arnold’s film career was basically on the skids by the end of the 90’s.

* We didn’t learn about the man who buys airplanes out-of-state to avoid paying California sales tax (about $900,000 worth).

*We didn’t learn about Arnold’s health problems, including his open-heart surgery and aortic valve replacement in 1997 (possibly due to heavy steroid use during his weightlifting career). Certainly, we didn’t hear about the life-limiting odds of that surgery.

This Thursday, the Governor-elect who we don’t really know, will be meeting with the President, who we really don’t know, covered by a press that can’t afford to let us know.

But, we’ll be back.


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